- It's just a tiny standing bar

- Please refrain from visiting in large numbers

- It's not a certain kind of music bar

- Don't be mad if you can't listen what you like

- No song requests

- Unskilled bartender

- Japanese cash only, pay each order

●なので、 細かいお金持ってきてくださーい
- Please bring changes

- No smoking, no pictures

- No Wi-Fi

- Please use the rest room clean

●飲食代以外の料金はありませんが、 チップは大歓迎
-Please leave tips if you like

- We can't use any flyers or posters of shows or events

●12月24日から28日はLEMMY'S になります
-Change the name to LEMMY'S between 24th and 28th DEC

今日だけはスマホしまって JOEY'Sへ 翁

今日だけは仕事忘れて JOEY'Sへ 五郎

今日だけは家庭忘れて JOEY'Sへ 修

今日もまた全て忘れて JOEY'Sへ ジョー